Our story

The story of our day care centers for children


“In 20 years, our children should be more confident than us in the world, and that starts from the cradle!”

Claudia Kespy-Yahi, director of the Cap Enfants group

Of Franco-Austrian descent, Claudia Kespy-Yahi grew up in a multicultural environment. On the birth of her two children, she naturally wanted to pass on this wealth: to provide them with an opening on the world and to prepare them for learning foreign languages. Unable to find the child care fcaility of her dreams, in 2005 she founded her own network of child care centers designed for companies and communities.

Cap Enfants key dates

  • 2006: The first Cap Enfants day care center opens in Gennevilliers
  • 2008: The Musical Bubble®, Cap Enfants’ innovative educational tool is patented worldwide
  • 2011: Leading French psychosociologist, Jean Epstein, joins us, endorsing the educational program of Cap Enfants
  • 2013: Signing of the French charter on parenting in the company, illustrating Cap Enfants’ commitment to supporting parents in achieving a better work-life balance.
  • 2014: Laurence Rossignol, then French Secretary of State for the Family, Senior Citizens and Autonomy, visted the Cap Enfants Les Louvresses day care center for the start of the new school year.
  • 2014: first interest of a foreign country in the educational program of Cap Enfants: visit from a delegation of managers of municipal day care centers from Seoul, South Korea
  • 2015: Installation of an optimized Musical Bubble®
  • 2016: Claudia Kespy-Yahi is elected Vice President of the French Federation of Child Care Facilities, heading the quality commission.
  • 2016: Start of a scientific study led by a PhD in pyscholinguistics on the impact of the educational program developed by Cap Enfants on the learning of children who attended between 2006 and 2016.




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What is corporate day care? How do I obtain a place or start a center? What is the company’s financial contribution?