Our purpose


Children at the heart of relationships

Respecting the fundamentals of group child care

The Cap Enfants concept reflects the desire to create group child care centers that privilege the well-being and fulfillment of young children.
We want to encourage their autonomy and socialization while respecting their individuality and allowing them to develop at their own pace. The educational team continuously adapts to the needs of children, alternating individual time (reception, interaction, games, care) with group activities (water play, motor skills actvities etc.). Interaction between children of different ages allows the youngest to see what the older kids are doing and vice-versa.

Awaken children’s natural curiosity

Cap Enfants promotes the rich resources of openness to the outside world and cultural diversity. Children are exposed to a number of different nationalities and cultures. Cap Enfants encourages them to discover their languages, music, and customs.
Children are therefore at the heart of Cap Enfants’ unique teaching methods, designed to multiply their discoveries, to awaken their curiosity, to develop their creativity and to enrich their imagination using the five senses.

“We were looking for a partner to come and support us with a high-quality initiative, one that took good care of both children and parents: Cap Enfants,”

Jean-Marie Simon, Atos Head of France, corporate partner since 2011.

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Enjoyment, one of the core values of Cap Enfants

Enjoyment is a value shared by children, their parents and Cap Enfants teams. Children learn enjoyment through play.
Our first priority is to welcome young children within a playful, warm environment where the youngest are able to develop without disruption. Our day care centers are therefore animated spaces where children will grow and thrive.
At Cap Enfants, children can freely access games and the Musical Bubble®: they can make their own discoveries and increase their curiosity of the world around them – the foundation of their learning. Children are free to choose what activities they want to participate in.

“Young children grow and find fulfillment through play and stimulating their senses. The activities we offer are based on this knowledge,”

explains Estelle Salley, Head of Education at the Cap Enfants group.

High-quality child care

The number of our education professionals, as well as their qualifications and ongoing training are the embodiment of our commitment to our quality standards for providing early childhood care.

Cap Enfants day care centers comply with the highest safety standards of the PMI ( French Maternal and Child Welfare services).
The quality of their furnishings provide maximum comfort for both children and the educational team. In particular, the use of high-quality materials like wood and rubber especially improve the acoustic insulation of our centers, which exceeds the required standards of the French National Noise Council

These materials also contribute to the quality of the teaching provided by reducing noise pollution. This enables children to evolve in spaces that are adpated to their development. By being commited to a program of continuous improvement, we continually think about the the quality of the child care we provide.