Day care centers for communities

A perfect solution

An increasing number of families, a need to develop the local economic base, a reduced budget for social initiatives… The report of the OPE (Parenting in the company monitoring agency) published in early 2016 highlights the delays by municipalities in the schedule of opening day care facilities announced by the government.

Since 2006, Cap Enfants has developed and managed day care centers open to communities, and confinanced by companies, building on key levers:

  • Increasing the offering of day care centers in towns
  • Strengthening the attractiveness of a region
  • Accessing an educational program that allows the level of equal opportunites to be improved and children to be individually supported to grow their potential.

A fully-controlled cost-effective solution

Cap Enfants is responsible for all capital investment for fitting out the day care center, allowing you to create new day care places without increasing your capital budget, and to control early childhood operational costs. For communities, investing in one of our day care centers means choosing the solution best-adapted to meet the needs of your constituents.

A complete range of services

The Cap Enfants group capitalizes on its early childhood expertise in providing complementary services:

  • Creation and production of shows for young children: organized in your facilities at key times during the year (e.g. Christmas, the French national music day), or in the form of ongoing workshops.
  • Continuous training for early childhood professionals
  • Supporting parenting with workshops, presentations, and discussion groups facilitated by psychiatrists

Our centers can be found in these towns:

Massy, Cergy, Gennevilliers, and Argenteuil

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