What is the company’s financial contribution?

Financing a corporate day care center

Places in a corporate day care center are partly financed by parents, partly by the CAF (French family benefit fund), and the remainder by the company. The comité d’entreprise (staff council) can also take responsibility for some of the residual costs.

In addition, to encourage the creation of corporate day care centers, public authorities can provide assistance. Companies can deduct 83% of the costs incurred, comprised of:

  • A 50% family tax credit: the company can deduct half of the costs from its annual tax bill.
  • 33% in relief from corporate tax: the amount is deductable from social securiy contributions, which represents a tax saving for companies.

« Since the implementation in 2004 of financing by the CNAF (French national family benefit fund) for private day care centers, the net cost of ownership for companies has been gradually reduced to 1 Euro », explains Claudia Kespy-Yahi, Cap Enfants director

All in all, the daily net cost for companies is €10, or the same as a meal voucher.

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