The educational program of Cap Enfants day care centers

Would you like your children to be cared for by early childhood professionals, close to your place of work or home?

Cap Enfants corporate day care centers provide care for children:

  • From 2 months to 4 years of age
  • Full-time, part-time, routinely or intermittently
  • With long opening hours (minimum of 8am to 7:30pm)

Our unique educational program is based on music and openness to the outside world, and ensures the well-being and fulfillment of all children.

A high-quality, happy, comforting environment.

Each day care center has been designed to provide children with the greatest comfort, but also to give their parents a warm, personalized welcome.

Each day care center is arranged around a “village square”, the atrium which is home to a central hut: the Musical Bubble®. Each child has their own personalized space, different sections have been created for babies, toddlers and older children, but they can all come together in the atrium in order to foster their relationships.

The acoustic environment is a key feature of Cap Enfants group day care centers. Buildings have been designed by an acoustic engineer who has researched and chosen flooring and wall materials to dampen noise. Even the center’s fit-out is designed to encourage children’s development: speakers are integrated into ceilings for better playback of music, double glazing in sleeping rooms ensures the silence necessary for rest, music is played back on CD, and more.

Cap Enfants, day care centers that adapt to the needs of each child

Our day care centers take every child’s rhythm into account. Whatever their age, children can develop in specially adapted spaces. Furnitire is especially designed for the different activities (e.g. eating area for “pâtisserie” activities, ball pool, play equipment, the Musical Bubble®). Meals are organzied based on discussion with parents each morning, taking each child’s eating habits into account.

Thanks to our medical teams present in each day care center, we can also provide the best possible care for children with disabilities.

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