How do I enrol my child at day care?

Advantages for parents

Entrusting Cap Enfants with the care of your child means benefiting:

  • From a price based on your income, like a municipal day care center
  • From longer opening hours adapted to a working life – 8am to 7:30pm
  • From a day care center close to where you work
  • From an educational program based on a great ambition: contribute today to the fulfillment of the adults of tomorrow
  • From a team of highly-qualified professionals that support children and parents

« Having the Cap Enfants day care center so close to my work has allowed me to continue doing the same hours. It gives me real flexibility! I was also happpier knowing that my son was with early childhood professionals, », Pascale Zilli, salesperson at EMC², and mother of Lucas, 5

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« The approach is very popular with employees: parents are reassured, the day care center is very close to their work, and we see lots of dads that drop off their children in the morning,», Claudine Somor, HR executive assistant, Atos France

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Quality is at the heart of our commitment

The advantages for parents also relate to the quality of our services. Cap Enfants day care centers exceed the standards of hygiene and safety required by the PMI (French Maternal and Child Welfare services). They have excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing, which exceeeds the requirements of the French National Noise Council. This allows music to be played while making sure everyone can still enjoy peace and quiet. The centers are also fitted out with high-quality, natural materials to ensure maximum comfort for both children and educational teams.

The number of qualified staff in our day care centers and the staff-child ratio exceed the standards required by the PMI (French Maternal and Child Welfare services).

To measure the quality of our care and adapt the educational program of our day care centers, we regularly carry out surveys of parents of children enrolled in our centers.

The role of parents in our day care centers

Our educational program emphasizes the links between parents and professionals to promote the development and fulfillment of children:

  • Daily communication with teams
  • Invitations to participate in the “musical journey” of the month and to share your experience: tell a story in the language of the country, sing songs and
  • nursery rhymes, present a musical instrument, bring postcards or photos from the country.
  • Participate in development activities or play
  • Both newsletters and a parent space on our website (e.g. meal menus, photos etc.) are made available
  • Parent groups
  • Festive moments with children and teams organized regularly in each day care center

Parenting support

« We are not born a parent, we become one »

Cap Enfants supports you as parents in your role, throughout the time your child spends at day care.

A smooth transition

Starting work again can feel like a painful separation both for children and parents. Our transition program allows you to ease into working life again. It is a privileded period over 15 days, during which both the child and parents learn about the day care center. To begin with, your child can become accustomed to this new environment by your side. In the following days, you will leave them just for the afternoon snack, then several hours in a row, gradually moving towards a full day.

The chance to be supported as a parent is very appealing. When you are a young parent, it’s nice to have someone monitoring you and above all giving you advice. This also allows us to meet other parents and this creates a sense of solidarity,”
The mother of Philomène, aged 1.

Monthly discussion groups

We offer discussion groups which are the occasion to ask questions and share experiences in a warm, friendly environment with other parents (8 maximum) in the presence of an early childhood expert. It is a real parenting support service, facilitated by a Cap Enfants manager and a pediatrician. During meetings, parents are provided with answers to their questions about the education, early learning activities, and motor skills development of their child.

Topical presentations

Facilitated by an early childhood expert and dealing with play and the fundamental needs of children, these presentations take place once a month.

Personalized support

Questions, doubts, or simply need to talk?
Cap Enfants also allows you to speak individually with the psychologist, the doctor or the day care center manager by appointment throughout the year.