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The Cap Enfants Euclide day care center opened in 2011 in “Les Algorithmes” business park in Argenteuil. It is situated close to the Bezon bridge and quays of the Seine, and is easily accessible for parent-employees based in the area from the A86 highway.

Child care is provided from Monday to Friday, 8am to 7:30pm.

With an inside surface area of 800 m², the Euclide day care center can welcome 80 children aged from 10 weeks to 4 years . The center has a 250 m² exterior courtyard with freely accessible play equipment, under the supervision of day care center staff.

To allow children to experience nature, a vegetable garden of 4 square raised beds has been installed on the initiative of the educational team. Salad, tomatoes and other vegetables are grown and looked after by children throughout the year. They can see plants growing and harvest the result of their efforts to taste them for lunch!

How the Euclide day care center in Argenteuil is organized

  • Three sections and an atrium on the ground floor provide child care for babies, toddlers and older children;
  • Two sections on the first floor cater exclusively for babies.

Each space has its own sleeping rooms and bathroom to take into account the different biological rhythms and growth of children.

A real communal area, the atrium brings children together, and promotes inetraction between children of different ages. The centrally-located Musical Bubble® brings children together at the convergance of the three ground floor sections.

The daily schedule is organzied by staff so that the babies also have access to this space:

In order to create a pleasant, lively environment for both children and professionals, a lot of preparatory work has gone into the acoustics of the Euclide day care center. The sound system was carefully researched, with music being played back by speakers in the ceiling. Soundproofing double glazing also ensures the separation of spaces, so as not to disrupt the rhythms or needs of particular children.

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As soon as you enter the lobby of this day care center, music is everywhere! This now features a grand piano, generously loaned by the Auvers-sur-Oise Festival which Cap Enfants has partnered since 2016.

This piano has allowed many musicians to rehearse ahead of concerts before a particularly receptive audience. Freely accessible, parent-employees are invited to use it, during lunch breaks for example. Children especially love to go underneath the piano to listen to the vibrations produced by this large instrument, whether it is being played by a professional musician or sometimes by their own parents.

Because sleep is essential for young children, the center has different beds that are adapted to children’s ages. We promote staggered going to sleep and waking which takes into account the rhythms of each child. We constantly monitor sleeping rooms and we care for children in the adjacent play areas once they have woken up.

Meals are taken in a distinct, dedicated space to give young childen spatio-temporal points of reference. To promote autonomy, older children are invited to serve themselves using the especially created self-service area.

Room for creativity on the trays! Some children like to discover flavors in an order of their own choosing. They can then settle themselves in small groups using tables and chairs adapted to their size. Babies either eat in the arms of center staff, in baby bouncers, or in a high-chair when they are able to hold themselves up.

As in all of Cap Enfants’ day care centers, meals are prepared by a specialist early childhood dietician. In addition, 50% of the food used is local, organic produce.

To help develop children’s senses and their appetite, a “pâtisserie” acttivity is organized each week for toddlers and older children. Children learn to knead dough, mix ingredients…and they love trying their culinary creations at afternoon snack time!

The Euclide day care center educational team

The team of our Euclide day care center is made up of qualified professionals, trained in Cap Enfants’ teaching methods to support children in their emotional and cognitive development.
These early chilhood educators, childcare assistants, and childcare helpers complement each other in working with children.
In addition, the Euclide day care center educational team is led by a unique management partnership: the manager, who is an early childhood educator, and her deputy, who is a qualified nurse. Her presence provides medical expertise to respond to children’s needs.
Highly proactive, the Euclide day care center is full of great ideas to help children discover the world around them. For the last 5 years in particular, the center has benefited from the monthy visit of a bookmobile, a real mobile library. The result of a partnership with the city of Argenteuil, it is very popular with children who willingly hop on board to look at and borrow books!