0am - 7:30pm
Monday to Friday
with a 200 m² exterior courtyard
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The Louvresses day care center is situated at the heart of the Louvresses business park in Gennevilliers.
Located on the first floor of a building, it is easily accessed from the A86 and A15 highways.
The center’s hours are adapted to employees’ needs: it provides child care from 8am to 7:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

It is one of the largest Cap Enfants day care centers, its 740 m² area is divided into 4 sections can welcome 70 children aged from 10 weeks to 4 years.
The location also has a 200 m² outdoor balcony terrace with rubber surfacing to make learning to walk easier (babies can crawl more easily!).

The terrace is home to play equipment that is specific to each day care center.

How the Louvresses day care center in Gennevilliers is organized

The day care center is organzied in the form of a wheel. Four different sections are distributed around a central atrium. This welcoming space is home to the Musical Bubble®, and is very light thanks to its large bay window which looks onto the balcony terrace. Children benefit from a large, well-ventilated communal area that allows them to run and exert themselves both inside and outdoors.

It is increasingly recognized that children develop more quickly when they can interact with other children, and demonstrate more empathy when they encounter children of different ages. This is why we promote mixed-age activities, which allow children to meet all the other children at the center, as well as staff from the different sections. The daily rhythm varies between calm time in the different sections or the Musical Bubble®, and moments of autonomous free discovery with open doors between the different communal areas.

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Each section is organzied around different moments during the day and the fundamental needs of children.

Toilet training takes place according to each child’s pace. Each of the different sections has a bathroom. These are equipped with pull-out steps.
As soon as a child is able, they are helped by a member of staff to climb onto the changing table.

Learning to be more independent is helped by the availability of individual bathroom cubby-holes, where each child can place their personal effects. The bathroom is equipped with small toilets as well as potties, giving children a choice and allowing them to develop at their own pace.

Because sleep is essential for young children, each child has their own bed and sleeps in the same place to ensure their surroundings are reassuring, thereby helping them to go to sleep. We promote staggered waking which takes into account the rhythms of each child.

Mealtimes are also a very important moment in a child’s day! Here, they discover all sorts of tastes, develop their ability to grasp objects, coordinate movements and socialize. Children eat in small groups using tables and chairs adapted to their size in a dedicated space.

Meals are prepared by a specialist early childhood dietician. In addition, 50% of the food used is local, organic produce.

The Louvresses day care center educational team

Children are supported by a team of qualified professionals trained in Cap Enfants’ teaching methods. They use their different skills to aid children’s emotional and cognitive development. This team is made up of early childhood educators, childcare assistants, and childcare helpers. The center is run by a manager, who is a qualified childcare assistant, and her deputy, an early childhood educator.

In front on the manager’s office, and before the cloakroom, is an electric piano. Each morning, the manager turns on the piano. Both children and their parents come and greet her with music! In the evening, parents sometimes play with children on their laps. It is a real musical ritual to start and end the day.

The success of this piano is such that there is often a real queue to play it! Guitars and ukuleles have been made available in front of the cloackroom to help children wait their turn, which sometimes creates a whole orchestra, between the piano melody and strumming of chords.