0am - 7:30pm
Monday to Friday
with a 210 m² exterior courtyard
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Do you work in Massy? If so, you’ve almost certainly heard about the opening of our day care center located in the Atlantis business park!

This distinctive feature of this day care center is that it is both corporate and public. So both parent-employees from the Atlantis business park and residents of the town can enrol children between the ages of 10 weeks and 4 years.

This new Cap Enfants day care center is intented to be accessible by everyone, in particular because of its location: it is close to the town hall, the Massy Verrières RER station and the Massy TGV station. Child care is provided from 8am to 7:30pm, Monday to Friday.

With a 430 m² indoor area and a 210 m² secure outdoor area, young children have the space necessary to thrive in a calm environment.

How the Massy day care center is organized

The layout of this new Cap Enfants day care center is unique. It is divided into two distinct spaces:

–        On the ground floor, a multi-purpose child care facility, with a capacity for 34 children;
–        On the first floor a micro day care center with space for 10 children of different ages.

The multi-purpose child care facility offers two separate spaces that open onto a large atrium, a communal area with large bay windows that let in plenty of light.
Children from the first floor are regularly invited to the ground floor to take advantage of the sound exploration journeys and pathways in the Musical Bubble®.

Endorsed by internationally-recognized pyschosociologist, Jean Epstein, and backed up by a research project led by INSERM (the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research), our teaching methods allow children to increase their vocabulary by 70% before starting school.

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All spaces have been designed to allow children to develop both their motor and cognitive skills, as well as their autonomy. Using the activities offered by the educational team and the freely accessible games, each child can discover, try, test, and grow at their own pace.

Central to Cap Enfants’ teaching methods, the Musical Bubble® allows each child to discover and listen to both sound and music every day, as well as to see the associated images.

As well as common areas, each of the two sections has a bathroom where children can gradually become more independent in using the toilet. The bathroom is equipped with small toilets as well as potties, giving children a choice and allowing them to develop at their own pace.

Because sleep is essential for young children, each section (babies, toddlers and older children) has its own dedicated sleep room with a fixed place for sleeping, enabling children to find their bearings. We promote staggered waking, which takes into account the different rhythms of children.

Like all of Cap Enfants’ day care centers, 50% of the food used in lunches is local, organic produce. Meals served in the defined eating area are prepared by a specialist early childhood dietician.

Finally, to allow young children to combine play and motor skills development, a ball pool provides plenty of fun and a much-appreciated playful dip.

The team of our Massy day care center is made up of qualified professionals trained in Cap Enfants’ teaching methods to support children in their emotional and cognitive development. To keep methods fresh and up-to-date, the team now hosts annual educational days focused on early childhood and the Cap Enfants’ teaching methods.