Based on the fundamentals of group child care, Cap Enfants has developed day care centers that are enhanced with a unique educational approach. Making use of the latest educational trens, this approach uses music and openness to the outside world through the five sense as a common theme.

Children, enaged in their own learning

Supporting children means letting them express themselves, discover their potential, allow them to be involved in their own development. They are listened to by professionals who help them to verbalize their thinking and feelings. They are supported in their evolution according to their progress and by taking account of their needs.

“The central place given to children in Cap Enfants’ teaching methods is particularly appreciated by our parent-employees”, Claudine Somor, HR executive assistant – ATOS France, corporate partner since 2011

Musical awareness

For Cap Enfants, developing young children’s hearing enhances their awareness of diversity. Music conveys emotions and improves language learning. It develops a child’s vocabulary giving them a real advantage in preparing their arrival at preschool. The Musical Bubble® educational tool is a space designed by Cap Enfants to strengthen children’s hearing, and where they can develop while playing different musical instruments, dancing, singing, and more.

“The Musical Bubble®, music and listening-based activities, and sessions used to develop young children’s five senses are what make Cap Enfants’ educational program unique,” Claudia Kespy-Yahi, director of the Cap Enfants group

Openness to the outside world

The educational program of our day care centers encourages children to discover music and cultures from around the world to awaken their natural curiosity. Each month, we showcase one country. Children hear different sounds which helps prepare them for language learning. The music played in the Musical Bubble® is from the chosen destination, as are the various other sounds heard (animal noises, ambient sounds etc.).

Children’s five senses are developed with the help of multisensory activities: tasting a country’s specialities at meal times, songs and nursery rhymes in the language of the country of the month, musical instruments from exotic places etc.

Ongoing educational reflection

Claudia Kespy-Yahi and all of the Cap Enfants team, supported by Jean Epstein, continue their ongoing relection on what child care for young children should be. Thanks to the supervision of Cap Enfants’ advisory panel, the Cap Enfants team is able to enact daily improvements to the teaching methods and quality of care they provide to children.



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