Cap Enfants produces entertainment shows especially designed for young children. The show, which last approximately 30 minutes exists in three different formats:

  • A one-off show
  • In-center entertainment in the form of workshops
  • Workshops hosted throughout the year culminating in an end of year show.

Show: Zaza around the world

Zaza, our cultural ambassador offers children a sensory world tour.

Cap Enfants will help you as early childhood professionals to devise and produce a day care center show. Ahead of time, our facilitator will come to your center to prepare children for the show. Using a travel journal and a CD, she organizes preparatory workshops in conjunction with staff. These allow children to discover a range of countries using, amongst other things, listening and vocal games. Children are invited to dance, sing, touch, smell, and even taste, to ensure they have a great time during the final show.




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