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Musical awareness at day care

The importance of music for young children

At birth, children are able to perceive sound from 0Hz to 16kHz.

Studies* show that exposing children to musical rhythms helps them to detect the rhythms of language, and this improves their language learning, for both their mother tongue and foreign languges.

*Study undertaken by the Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences (I-LABS) for the University of Washington and reproduced by the Huffington Post.

The Musical Bubble®: a absolutely unique multisensory space

A 9m² half dome with an acoustic environment specially designed by Cap Enfants, the Musical Bubble® is the result of nearly three years development. Patented worldwide in 2008, it strengthens young children’s hearing and develops their listening ability.

This unique educational tool was designed by a multidiscipinary team: an early childhood educator and a sound engineer worked to creat sound libraries. Also conducive to silence, the Musical Bubble® is designed to be reassuring and calming for children.

« The idea is to immerse young children in sounds and music, so that they can keep for as long as possible the tremendous hearing that they have at birth, », Claudia Kespy-Yahi, director of the Cap Enfants group

Play to learn

In this welcoming, reassuring, mutlicolored igloo, children travel and discover other countries, other sounds, animals, instruments from around the world, and listen to foreign languages. They perfrom a wide range of sensory and motor activities at their own pace, supervised by trained professionals, and they can listen to and overlay sounds, simply by pressing on interactive areas.

Equipped with sound, visual and touch-friendly games for children, the Musical Bubble® helps in a playful way to develop their senses. “Using this tool, children can activate sounds and images themselves by touching the interactive walls inside the Bubble. Through play, they discover and learn,” says Claudia Kespy-Yahi.

Discover by travelling

Our educational program is organzied around musical journeys: each month a country is chosen, and the whole day care center takes is immersed in its local colors. To date, more than 50 detinations have been visited.

To undertake these voyages, different resources are available to teams and children. They discover the musical instruments of the country, hear nursery rhymes in the country’s language, dance to traditional music, and more.




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