Cap Enfants teams: child care professionals

A passionate team

Cap Enfants surrounds itself with employees who are passionate about what they do.

  • Educational team: childcare worker, early childhood educator, childcare assistant, childcare helper
  • Specialist team: psychosociologist, musicologist, musician, sound engineer, architect
  • Medical team: pediatricians, doctors and early childhood psychologists

Each day care center is entrusted to an effective, complementary, multidisciplinary team. Having all necessary qualifications, team members are selected based on both hard and interpersonal skills, as well as listening ability.

Especially trained to use our educational approach, Cap Enfants teams receive continuous training in various child care professions and follow the recommendations of the sector’s leading experts.

« The quality of Cap Enfants’ educational framework makes a real difference for our employees. »
Pierette Schaeffer, HR Manager, THALES, corporate partner since 2012

Advisory panel

An advisory panel provides our teams with experience and thoughts about the teaching methods implemented in our day care centers. They are pediatricians, PMI (Maternal and Child Welfare services) doctors, psychologists, early childhood educators or parents, and are recognized for their expertise in the early childhood sector. Jean Esptein, our patron, supports the committe by offering an external perspective.


Cap Enfants parents

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the best chance
of success


What happens each day at day care? How much does a place in day care cost? How do I enroll my child at day care?
Cap Enfants entreprises

I want to create
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What is corporate day care? How do I obtain a place or start a center? What is the company’s financial contribution?